"Kathleen Israel is an organizational whirlwind! A category 4 white tornado that descends on your cluttered spaces and in record time has them not only organized, but in a way that makes all of your items easily accessible to you! She does this with a huge heart, a sense of humor and a delightful personality. This is truly her area of genius and I encourage anyone who has been looking at those cluttered closets, files, stacks of books and "waiting for the day" when you will finally get to it, to just call Kathleen and have it be done in a few hours. Incredibly reasonable prices, makes it easy to say yes to."
Susan Mayginess, CEO Rising Heart Consulting , Inc.
Clutter happens! When it does, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, maybe even a little embarrassed. At the same time, it’s entirely possible to feel liberated, unburdened and empowered.
I have over fifteen years of experience helping people sort, organize and simplify their lives. Working together I can help reduce the stress that clutter can cause, helping you create what I call Functional Organized Clutter-free Usable Space, or FOCUS.
And who couldn’t use a little more FOCUS?
  • Imagine your closets, bedrooms and cupboards clutter-free
  • Envision your kitchen, utility room or office where everything you need is at your fingertips
  • Visualize your garage as an organized space that you'll look forward to using
  • Picture having a space that is attractive peaceful and relaxing
Reclaim your space  and... Clear the Way!
Services Offered
                                                      •  Home or Office Organization
                                                      •  Home Staging
                                                      •  Interior Design Recommendations
                                                      •  Garage/Storage Unit De-cluttering
                                                      •  Custom Closet or Shelving Design
                                                      •  Donation Drop-off Service                                               
                                                      •  Curb Appeal
                                                      •  Party Consultant/Planner (Creative, Simple with just the       
                                                         right touch)
Kathleen Israel

Clear the Way
Bellingham/San Francisco Connection

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