Clutter happens! When it does, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, maybe even a little embarrassed. At the same time, it’s entirely possible to feel liberated, unburdened and empowered.
I have over fifteen years of experience helping people sort, organize and simplify their lives. Working together I can help reduce the stress that clutter can cause, helping you create what I call Functional Organized Clutter-free Usable Space, or FOCUS.
And who couldn’t use a little more FOCUS?
  • Imagine your closets, bedrooms and cupboards clutter-free
  • Envision your kitchen, utility room or office where everything you need is at your fingertips
  • Visualize your garage as an organized space that you'll look forward to using
  • Picture having a space that is attractive peaceful and relaxing
Reclaim your space  and... Clear the Way!
Services Offered
                                                      •  Home or Office Organization
                                                      •  Home Staging
                                                      •  Interior Design Recommendations
                                                      •  Garage/Storage Unit De-cluttering
                                                      •  Custom Closet or Shelving Design
                                                      •  Donation Drop-off Service                                               
                                                      •  Curb Appeal
                                                      •  Party Consultant/Planner (Creative, Simple with just the       
                                                         right touch)
Kathleen Israel

Clear the Way
Bellingham/San Francisco Connection


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