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Welcome to Clear the Way.

Meet the world's first professional dis-organizer.

There are two types of organizers. I am the second kind.

To my way of thinking, it's all about disrupting the patterns that lead to our becoming disorganized in the first place.

You see, we all have strategies we think are working until one day we realize they aren't. And unless we break those patterns,
chances are we’ll never break the cycle of clutter.

So what makes me so different?


It stands for
functional, organized, clutter-free, usable, space and it’s a method I've developed to empower my clients to look at their space and decide what works best for them and their lifestyle—and then we create that space.

We do this together, in a guilt-free, non-judgmental way. It’s fun, it’s liberating, and most importantly, it’s lasting.

Of course, if that’s not what you’re after, then by all means choose another route.

But I think you’ll find that once you Clear The Way; your mind, body and spirit will follow.


In your home.

In your office.

In transition.

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