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While I am based in Bellingham Wa., my services extend as far south as the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hi, I'm Kathleen Israel and I am the creator/owner of Clear the Way, based in Bellingham WA.

I have been organizing for over 15 years during which time I have come to understand just how difficult it can be for someone to ask for help. My clients often confess they feel their lives have become somewhat unmanageable and they’re afraid of being judged for not being “perfect". So I am keenly aware that the last thing you need is for me to come in professing to have the “perfect solution.” Instead, you can expect me to help you F.O.C.U.S., which is a method I've developed to help you create your own system for getting organized and, more importantly, staying organized. To help me (and to better help you) I have participated in courses on Stress Release, and have authored and published several articles on the art of organizing.

In addition to Clear the Way, I am also a caterer and an event planner. As you can probably surmise, I very much enjoy bringing positive experiences into people's lives. 

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