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Lament of an Overwhelmed Soul

Lament of an Overwhelmed Soul

Sort, reduce and eliminate!

When did I deserve such a fate?

My garage, kitchen, closets, bedroom too?

Are you kidding? What am I suppose to do?

I have no extra time to fuss~

With all of that disorder and all of that stuff!

My kids, my husband my job and pets~

Leave me barely time to catch my breath!

You say you have a solution to my strife?

You can REALLY help me get a life?

Can this be happening? Is it a dream?

Are you truly what you seem?

An organizer who says, "Let Go"?

A someome who can reduce my woe?

Well that's the ticket, I confess~

I need help NOW ~ I am way too stressed!

If you are feeling overwhelmed and just can seem to get motivated~

Contact "Clear the Way"

and Create F.O.C.U.S.

FuntionalOrganizedClutter-freeUsable Space

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