Clear the Way
     Professional Organizing Service

Meet the world's first professional disorganizer.


What those who have used Clear the Way have to say:

Kathleen is the Fairy Godmother I always dreamed of.    Mary-Ann Kolozsy, Bellingham, WA

Kathleen has inspired me to tackle every corner of my house, with her encouraging words guiding me.     Kate F, San Francisco, CA

My entire staff noticed the difference immediately. It’s amazing how much more confidence we gained in our ability to handle a bigger client load knowing nothing is going to get lost in the shuffle.     Christopher Barrow, Real Estate Broker, Kentfield, CA

She’s got a great eye and saw the remedy to my mess immediately. And months later I’m still reveling in my clean closet.     M. Bourget, San Francisco, CA

Kathleen has helped me ‘think in a new way’ about organizing my household, office, business, and ultimately my life.     Irene Morgan, Therapist, Bellingham, WA

We were wallowing in disorder. Kathleen has liberated us! B. Zimmerman, San Anselmo, CA

She got more done in 5 hours than I have in 5 years. A. Radvany, MD, Bellingham, WA

Kathleen is an organizational whirlwind. Susan Mayginnes - CEO Rising Heart Consulting, Inc., Oakland, CA

Kathleen's no-nonsense approach to de-cluttering is a God-send.

Wayne Topping, Bellingham, WA

Kathlleen's skills have helped me become more functional and more useful in my space.

Sherry Moore, Interior Design, San Francisco, CA

Kathleen is a take-charge kind of a person and a pleasure to work with.

Chris Colladay, Marin County, CA

Kathleen is a sanity saving resource when too much stuff is just  too much to deal with.

Laura Amitage, Bellingham, WA